A downloadable Vampire Slave Tactics for Windows

The mighty vampire Monçada killed the feudal lord of the lands of Black Gold and enslaved its inhabitants.

In the promise of money and power, he forced the inhabitants to take their blood, thus forcing a bond of mystical slavery to the point that the master's orders became divine missions to be fulfilled without question.

You also succumbed to the vampire's bond of bondage, but during a mission to the neighboring fiefdom, you met a great wizard Mark, who, upon realizing the harm done to the villagers, vowed to accompany you in a saga to the castle and to end the bondage bond.

The magician has temporarily removed his bond with the Vampire, providing you with a great opportunity to save his homeland.

Run warrior, head towards the vampire master's castle and free the villagers from this plague.

Install instructions

1 - Extract file VAMPIRE_SLAVE_20190924.rar

2 - Double Click in "Vampire Slave Tactics.exe"


VAMPIRE_SLAVE_20190924.rar 40 MB


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O jogo de tática que estava faltando pra quem gosta de: RPG, vampiros (que não seja da saga Crepúsculo) e a temática medieval. Nota 10 e o jogo ainda vai melhorar!

Gostei do jogo de cara! Vamos ao farm!!!